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At Surf the Greats, we are fully committed to our community and the preservation of our natural resources. In addition to our monthly community events, we have created a fund to support the important work by organizations who strive to protect our home waters.  We will contribute 1% of yearly revenue to our 'Freshwater Fund' and direct it to an organization which demonstrates a commitment to our common goal.
Freshwater Fund Beach Clean up Toronto
Surf the Greats Freshwater Fund Thanks to you, we donated our 2017 Freshwater Fund to  the Lake Ontario Waterkeeper in recognition of their mandate to protect & promote clean waters in Canada.
 Lake Ontario Waterkeeper
For 2018 and 2019 we have chosen Swim Drink Fish Canada as the beneficiary of our Fund.
We are now accepting submissions from initiatives, programs and agencies for 2020 funding.  Please reach out via with your proposal