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Surf the Greats

Our coffee shop is currently closed.

Welcome to Surf The Greats Coffee Shop, serving locally roasted beans, smoothies and açaí bowls in the heart of Leslieville!  

From dawn to dusk we are stewards of cold water culture, well-dialed espresso, and good vibes.  Most importantly, we believe in building deep-rooted connections that ripples out to the farthest reaching lakes, oceans, coffee farms, and inclusive spaces.

Surf the Greats Cafe by This Little Black Cup

Our coffee shop was created from our desire to create a hub for our surf community and the best local and ethically sourced small batch roasters. We strive to provide a variety of experiences; from our take-home beans, to community brew events and creative hub workspace. From our sessions before daybreak to the hours and sets that follow; our culture is ever growing and undeniably social.  We aim to bring community through our offerings of some of the best freshly roasted beans in the GTA.

 Brothers Coffee Roasters

As part of our commitment to supporting independent businesses and small batch roasters, we will be featuring a rotating guest coffee roaster to share with our community on a season to season basis.  We recognize that Toronto and the Greater Toronto area have a rich and thriving coffee culture, and it’s our pleasure to showcase the many flavours this city has to offer. We are proud to have Brothers' Coffee Roasters, Detour Coffee Roasters, Java Roasters and Hale Coffee Company in-house year-round.

Brothers Coffee Roasters

We are so excited to continue our relationship with Brothers Coffee, as this company truly embodies what we represent. Brothers is a small batch roaster located in Oakville, with roots that stem from the other side of the globe. The mastermind behind it all, Sean, calls New Zealand home and has a true understanding of the relationship between surfing and coffee. A bond strengthened by the cold water of the great lakes, nothing warms us up more after an icy surf than a piping hot cup of gourmet coffee. Brothers coffee is an integral part of our community, and we’re sure you’ll love them too.

Hale Coffee Roasters Toronto The Junction

Who doesn’t love Hale? This micro-roastery is one of the most celebrated and recognized in Toronto. Hale is known for the love and care they put into their beans from beginning to end. Their team travels far and wide to connect with farmers and source only the best green coffee beans to roast.  We’re pleased to be working in partnership with a company which we are confident will elevate your coffee experience.

Pluck Teas

We are proud to serve and brew Pluck teas, another company straight out of Toronto! The founder of pluck is a certified tea sommelier who travels the world, seeking delectable and ethically-sourced tea leaves. Many of the tea blends incorporate local Ontario flavours from Niagara, Muskoka, and Prince Edward County. We at Surf the Greats Cafe, love the concept of combining local and international ingredients to create unique flavour profiles. We enjoy pluck tea steaming hot, ice cold, or nestled into one of our signature lattes. Ask us about one of our personal favourites “The Dirty Chai”.

Broadening our tea offerings - we are excited to bring Genuine Tea to our community.  Lovers of tea and lovers of adventure, David & Sarah travel the world in search of premium loose leaf teas. These young globe trotters met in 2008 at a ski resort in British Columbia - Sarah, a Canadian and Dave, an English gentleman. After several visits to plantations across Asia and a wealth of tea knowledge under their belts, they returned to Canada with a simple dream - to share their love of tea and adventure with others.

For those of you that are feeling a little peckish - we have added a few baked goods to our menu.  Delivered fresh from Saving Mondays - choose from croissants, scones, muffins and cookies to satisfy your sweet (or savoury) tooth.  We are also proud to add freshly baked Pao de Queijo - a popular brazilian staple, made with naturally gluten-fee tapioca flour and cheese.  

Açaí Bowls Surf the Greats

As surfers and lovers of nature, we believe in nourishing our bodies with natural and wholesome ingredients, which is why we serve Açaí Bowls. This Brazilian berry is one superfood that lives up to its hype. Pronounced AH-sigh-EE, this “purple gold” is loaded with antioxidants, fibre, heart-healthy fats, and calcium. Antonio Lennert, the founder of Surf the Greats, was born and raised in Brazil, where his mother would lovingly prepare Açaí Bowls for him and his brother after surf sessions. True to his origins we offer the most authentic Açaí Bowls you can find in Toronto, directly from his mother’s coveted recipe.

Smoothies at Surf the Greats

Surf the Greats Coffee

As companions and stewards of the Great Lakes, we do our best as advocates to minimize waste. We are committed to run our cafe as green as possible in order to keep single-use plastics out of the oceans, lakes, and rivers we live to surf on. We offer biodegradable cups, lids, straws, bowls, and spoons. Better yet, we have incentives for you to bring your own reusable mugs and cups, or take the option to slow down and hang out with us for a bit and enjoy your drink or snack in house! 

Coffee at Surf the Greats

We are a trinity of surf, coffee, and community. As such our shop offers a space focused on the importance of diversity and inclusivity, where everyone is welcome. Coffee has a community element that brings people together and we are here to do just that. Whether you are a surfer, interested in surfing, or just like a good espresso, Surf the Greats is a place for everyone.