Surf the Greats aspires to establish and foster community through the adventure of surfing the Great Lakes and beyond. We aim to unite Canadian surfers from coast to coast and every lake and river in between. We educate, explore, and share through the medium of surf, while reconnecting with the magnificence of this great country of ours.

Born from our passion of adventure and exploration, we honour and celebrate the power of nature. We are the culmination and emergence of a Northern surf culture founded in community, diversity, and conservation.

We are the winds of change; we are Surf the Greats.


To empower and support coldwater athletes to engage with and preserve Canadian waters.


We exist to bring out the best in surf culture, and represent values Canadian’s hold dear as Canada’s global surf brand.


We believe in creating a safe and sustainable surfing world in which every human being, regardless of race, colour, class, origin, gender, sexual orientation, and ability can feel welcome, included, validated and, most importantly, like they belong.