Brand Spotlight: KASSIA+SURF

Brand Spotlight: KASSIA+SURF

As females presently continue to push for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the surfing industry, we figured now was a crucial time to highlight one of our favorite brands we carry in-store, KASSIA+SURF.

Kassia+Surf pushes the limits of women's swimwear, athleisure, and wetsuit design in the lowest impact way. Kassia Meador’s knowledge for surfing and the culture that surrounds it has made her gear highly dependable, eco-friendly, and most especially sustainable. We are extremely proud to carry this female-led brand and share it with our Great Lakes community. 

About Kassia


“What a beautiful feeling it is to ride a wave”

- Kassia Meador ,
  Soundings with Jamie Brisk

Jamie Brisk describes Kassia as one of the greatest living longboarders of all time. Born and raised in California, Kassia has been surfing since the age of 14. In the 1990s Kassia began surfing with her father in Malibu. As her surfing journey began her main surfing influences were primarily other Malibu surfers such as Brittany Leonard, Julie Cox, Ashley Lloyd, Carla Rowland, Dylan Jones, and Dave Peterson just to name a few. After catching a wave in Noosa Tea Tree Bay, Australia on a custom surfboard she received from her parents at Christmas, she was immediately spotted by Joel Tudor. The next day, Donald Takayama approached Kassia’s mom asking if he could make Kassia a surfboard. Fast forward a couple months later, Kassia rode a Donald Takayama 9’2 tri fin nose rider as a single fin at a California Roxy Jam event. After winning the event, she picked up sponsorship under Roxy immediately.  

Kassia then became a professional longboarder and traveled the globe competing. In 2011 she earned 2nd place on the WSL Longboard championship tour, while being recognized for her unique grace and style on every single type of wave. Kassia additionally assisted in designing products for Roxy and even a line of watches with Swatch. After beginning to have realizations about her place and purpose in the surf industry, and with massive corporations not contributing to causes Kassia cared about, Kassia knew it was time for a change. In 2013, Kassia left her competitive career and sponsorship to pursue a dream of creating women's surf products that focused on quality while giving back to the planet. Kassia saw the gap in the market for authentic women's wetsuits, swimsuits and accessories and wanted to fill the void for the women's surfing community. 

Kassia Surf was born… 

A brand that finally focuses on creating the lowest impact possible for the planet while serving the needs of women in the waterworld is what Kassia+Surf continually strives to accomplish. From wetsuits that are created from limestone + eco carbon neoprene, designed with the female body in mind, created with room for our hips, as well as including unique but subtle colors, Kassia has done it all! Kassia’s 23+ years of experience have allowed her to create products that will last a lifetime and women will love. The brand encourages freedom, empowerment and enlightenment for all, while recognizing we have a responsibility to take care of our planet Earth. 

Kassia Products 

Kassia has many wetsuit and bathing suit options that would work well for many water recreational activities on the Great Lakes all year round, not just for surfing. Here we have selected the gear that will keep you toasty warm for those colder days on the Great Lakes when you want to surf, and when our waves are the most powerful! 

Kassia+Surf Sea Caves 5/4 Full Chest Zip Winter Wetsuit

This suit has never received a rating less than 5 stars due to its maximum warmth and versatility. With a smoothie V-shaped design on the front and back of the suit, this allows for the ultimate wind-resistant technology on your chest and back while trapping heat at the same time. Additionally there is also recycled thermal heat lining on the torso and fabric knee pads for extra warmth. The hood is adjustable with chest closure for taking the hood on and off easily. The suit includes double blind stitched, taped, and glued seams providing you the most amount of durability to tackle our rough winters on the Great Lakes! And from Kassia herself, “Earth First Construction elements are woven through the suit to conserve energy, save water and keep harmful chemicals from entering our waterways”. Therefore this suit is truly not only warmth-conscious, but Earth-conscious as well. For more information about the wetsuit’s technical features you can find out here. Based on the suit’s performance reviews, this suit will not only keep you toasty, but will escalate your time in the water as the suit is comfortable and easy to put on and take off. 

Kassia+Surf Sea Caves 4/3 Back Zip Full Wetsuit

Many of the features of this suit are the same as the Sea Caves 5/4 Full Chest Zip suit, however the Smoothie V shape doesn’t go down as far providing more flexibility with this thinner suit while still providing wind resistance and retaining heat in the body of the suit. This suit is also made with a recycled thermal heat lining on the torso and fabric knee pads for warmth. Additionaly, this suit is even easier to put on and take off, since the entry to the suit is a back zip. The 4/3 Sea Caves suit is recommended for our late summer and/or early fall surfing season when the water temperature is approximately 13°C - 8°C degrees (55°F - 48°F). Same as the 5/4 Sea Caves suit, Kassia ensures that “Earth First Construction elements are woven through the suit to conserve energy, save water and keep harmful chemicals from entering our waterways”. Therefore this suit is also Earth-conscious. Based on the suit reviews, this suit is not only stylish, but cozy, sustainable and does not leak as most back zip wetsuits tend to do. 

For more information about Kassia+Surf, her story, and her products you can check out her website here. If you would like to learn how to step up your surfing game, Kassia also offers a diverse range of online surfing classes and in-person retreats around the world.

Words by Maddi Leblanc. 

Madeline Leblanc Portrait 

Maddi Leblanc is a Niagara born, Toronto-based stand up paddling athlete for Team Canada, SUP instructor, and lake surfer. Maddi is also the new General Manager at Surf the Greats. She has been paddle boarding for nine years, competing in SUP for six years, and surfing the Great Lakes for six years. She recently just completed her Masters at Brock University in Recreation & Leisure Studies. Find her on Instagram.