Gaining Some Momentum in Surf Travel

Gaining Some Momentum in Surf Travel

Surf the Greats was the brainchild of Antonio and Marcello, who met out in the cold waters of Lake Ontario. From day one, it has been a business about experiences, and building relationships through surfing. The business has had almost a year to learn more about who it is, and where it’s going. First and foremost, our mission is to reconnect people with nature in creative ways; and there is nothing more effective than taking a small group on a surf and road trip. Surfing is one of those perfect sports, regardless of how familiar a break is, every wave, break, beach, and town is so vastly different moment to moment. Surfing is one part skill, but a huge part is about feeling nature and being open to new experiences.

Surf the Greats Surf Camp

We want to reinvent travel; we are different because the passion came first, and the business plan emerged afterwards. It all started when we began taking our friends and families out surfing the lakes. We noticed a real demand for the local trips and lessons; as soon as our social networks began referring to us things got very busy. We realized that this could be something much bigger, and we began developing our first trip to Costa Rica. 

Surf the Greats Costa Rica Surf Safari

Costa Rica was our first official trip—we actually just returned. This trip covers nearly 600km of the country. At each location, we surf, hike, relax, visit the towns, and meet new collaborators. We meet locals who take us surfing, and give us the lowdown of each spot and the culture there. This style of travel is very niche, and we have noticed a gap in the market that we can comfortably fill.

Surf the Greats Surf Safari Costa Rica

The best thing about our trips is that everyone will learn how to surf. From beginners to first time surfers, we find the right people to conduct in depth and local lessons. Our first trip was made up of mixed skill levels. This meant that beginners, novices, and experienced surfers had opportunities to surf together. This model made it easy for beginners to go to dawn patrol lessons, and then go out with more experienced surfers for sunset sessions; where they could apply what they learned earlier that day. Both of our trip leaders are ISA certified, and trained in surf rescue, so education around safety, etiquette, and technique are ever-present.

Surf the Greats ISA

Our trips are designed to inspire a sense of adventure, but through a surfer’s perspective. When we enter a country, a break, or the jungle, we do it with the outmost respect towards the environment—both culturally, and environmentally.

There are many facets to our trips. Yes, we surf every day—two to three times. But with any ocean break, the surf sessions are dictated by the ebb and flow of the tides. When it’s low tide, or the group is not interested in surfing then we head into the towns, or explore the local flora and fauna. On top of surfing, we have built in multiple opportunities for hikes to waterfalls, ATV tours, and necessary downtime. The amount of distance and experience that we cover in 12 days is shocking. Anyone who travels with us will come back with a fresh perspective, and a thirst for travel.

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Surf the Greats has just launched their trips to Costa Rica, and are running their local Surf and SUP Safaris at full force all over the Great Lakes. To find out more and sign up for an adventure check out our Surfaris.