The Seawolf & Perilous Sea Film Premiere

Rip Curl and Surf the Greats invite you to join us for the Toronto Premiere of two of the most anticipated Canadian Surf Films of the year. We are welcoming Ben Gulliver and Mike Bromley in the big smoke to showcase some of the best cold-water surfing ever documented in Canada and abroad.

There will be beers from Collective Arts Brewery, lots of prizes from our sponsors and a Q&A with the directors after the screening. This event is going to sell out so get your tickets now and come write this important chapter in Canadian surf history with us.


The Seawolf Perilous Sea Canadian Surf Film Screening

‘The Seawolf’ follows eight surfers on a two-year journey, as they travelled to the furtherest corners of the globe in search of untapped cold-water waves. 

Balaram Stack, Chippa Wilson, Noah Cohen, Oliver Kurtz, Cam Richards, Noah Wegrich, Josh Mulcoy and Pete Devries explore and surf obscure seascapes set to a jazz, hip hop and classical inspired soundtrack. 

The film has been in the spotlight at film festivals all over the world, and just won ‘Best Cinematography’ at the London Surf Film Festival in the UK.

The Seawolf - Trailer from Ben Gulliver on Vimeo.

 Ben Gulliver is a Canadian director and filmmaker, with roots in skate, surf and outdoor film. This is his first feature length film.


Inspired by the classic maritime novels about the cruel and dark North Atlantic, ‘Perilous Sea’ follows a group of professional surfers around the different frozen and rugged corners of the North. Striving to be the first surf film to take place entirely in the North Atlantic the film is complete after three years of production. “Perilous Sea” was shot on location in Iceland, the Canadian Maritimes and Ireland.

Mike Bromley is a filmmaker & photographer based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.