SemiGnars: An interactive evening of surf talk and practice with Adam Tory


What? Surf the Greats and Hurricane Surf Co. present: An interactive evening of surf talk and practice with Adam Tory a.k.a the Gnarcheologist.

From positioning on the peak and fine-tuning take-offs to more advanced techniques like speed generation, rail turns on a shortboard and longboarding footwork, I will explain some of the critical fundamentals I have learned over 15+ years of surfing and 10+ years of surf coaching. 

We will also look at some dryland techniques that we can use to build and maintain our surfing skills in between sessions or during those flat spells.

There will be many opportunities to break into groups and practice of the concepts I teach.

Who is it for? Surfers looking for open-source knowledge on surf technique and training. This seminar is broad-based, from beginners looking for a glimpse into the avenues of progression to intermediate /advanced surfers looking to refine their existing techniques. It contains nuggets of valuable wisdom for all abilities and types of surf craft.

Date and time

Wed, Jan 31, 2024 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM EST

Surf the Greats

250 Carlaw Avenue #Unit 101 Toronto, ON M4M 3L1


$65 + HST

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Adam Tory a.k.a the Gnarcheologist

About Adam Tory a.k.a The Gnarcheologist

Certificationss and Courses

  • ISA Certified Surf Instructor
  • PFI Freediver Safety Supervisor 
  • Student of WaveKi, aims of becoming accredited

Notable Competitive Experience

  1. Team Canada @ World Longboard, El Salvador 2023
  2. 1st Place Nova Scotia Longboard 2023 
  3. 5th Place Nova Scotia Shortboard 2023
  4. 3rd Place Nova Scotia Shortboard 2022
  5. 4th Place Canadian Nationals Longboard 2019 & 2023


I grew up in London, UK and took my first surf lesson at 10 when visiting family on Vancouver Island.

I would be landlocked in London for the next eight years, only getting to surf on family vacations. Nonetheless, I was obsessed with sport, initially as a skateboarder and then as a competitive climber. I went on to coach climbing as my first job at 17. When I moved to Canada two years later, I began to surf more consistently.

Living in Vancouver and studying at UBC, I would take every opportunity to get out to the breaks on Vancouver Island or Washington. Then, at age 21, I started a summer job at Pacific Surf Company in Tofino that would seal my fate as a complete Surf addict. A summer spent surfing, teaching lessons every day, and returning to Vancouver to finish my studies in the fall was an adjustment. 

Still, I found joy in living in Vancouver and finding ways to stay sharp and motivated to surf between sessions. I knew that once i graduated, I would live in Tofino full-time.

7 years later I continued work for Pacific Surf Company, now as an operations manager. I was passionate about teaching and competing, continually looking for ways to expand my abilities. Whisperings of waves out east spurred on a road trip. 

Nova Scotia & Hurricane Surf Co.

That road trip turned into full-time residence in Nova Scotia, and I had gathered enough experience to have my vision of surfing and my coaching philosophies. After a short stint working for a local surf shop/ school, I realized I had to create Hurricane Surf Company. 

It’s all about the stoke of the approaching swell, the sense of adventure. It’s about helping people progress and have more fun in the water by being more prepared and equipped when the swell arrives.

It’s about fostering a Canadian surf community that is kind and supportive in and out of the water, whether that be in the ocean, the river or a lake!