Reggae Night

Your community surf shop is turning 1 in its current retail space in Leslieville and what best way to celebrate than with our favourite party from the tropics?

We are joining forces with our partners from Life of Leisure to bring you the best reggae and dancehall. On the decks, directly from Jamaica DJ Klient, MC Ras Morgan and special guests for an electrifying live set. At the bar, rum diaries & dark'n'stormies by Goslings Rum, and cold craft beer from Ace Hill Beer.

On the big screen the anticipated premiere of Andrew Wyton's new Great Lake surfing short film 'Bloom Lagoon'. And as if this wasn't rad enough, one lucky person is going home with a brand new LibTech surfboard from our raffle.

This is a private event and space is very limited. Get your tickets now because they won't last!

Reggae Night at Surf the Greats Toronto

Blue Lagoon

The film introduces you to a rare human survivor in post-apocalyptic world six years After Water (AW). The world’s freshwater supply has become too toxic to support mass human life. This lone survivor is mystically transported back in time to the present day, where he and his surf buddies were still able to enjoy the raw natural beauty of the lakes, surfing in some of the most extreme conditions, just before the toxifying effects of agricultural and industrial pollution reached a tipping point.


Bloom Lagoon | Teaser from Andrew Wyton on Vimeo.


RootzReggaeRadio is a local Toronto award winning community reggae station that's been around for about 6 years, Offering you a fresh perspective on real roots and cultural reggae music. We are a positive and uplifting Radio and Sound system in the new era of digital Radio worldwide.

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