InterPlay: Tyler Jorgenson

InterPlay 04 Tyler Jorgerson Wax Surf Co Shaper

Sunday, April 26, 5 PM EST

Surf the Greats is pleased to present Interplay — an exploration of the interconnectedness and interdependence of our surf communities. This series will investigate and discuss the complex interplay of the elements of our sport, culture and industry. It is an opportunity to come together to celebrate unique individuals to highlight and better understand their numerous contributions and distinctive perspectives. Our goal is to explore the reciprocity and adaptability of the varied facets of our surfing world featuring artists, athletes, makers, innovators, and pioneers. 

Our live online presentation and discussion will take place Sunday, April 26th at 5pm EST. We will be joined by Tyler Jorgenson from Los Angeles, California. Tyler is a world renowned shaper and owner of Wax Surf Co. What you may not know about Tyler is all of his life experience (past and present) that he brings to his design, aesthetic and work ethic. Join us for a journey through the various chapters of Tyler’s life which have led him to where he is today. The presentation and facilitated discussion will be followed by an interactive Q&A session with questions from our international audience.

Tyler Jorgenson Shaper Wax Surf Co.

Tyler Jorgenson is based in Los Angeles but is deeply rooted on the east coast. He found his love for surfing and shaping in New York while enduring the flat spells by making boards and freezing as he enjoyed the larger winter swell without the stress of crowds. His work is split between coasts and between countries. While he loves to surf every day whether it be down in San Diego or up in Malibu, he really misses the throbbing heavy beach breaks of New Jersey or Rockaway, and the long rights by the lighthouse in Montauk. His understanding of waves is well traveled and diversified just like his shapes and customers. This kind of diversity speaks to the discerning tastes of his clientele and the inspiration and passion he brings to the table comes from his surfing. He has loved making every single surfboard and takes pride in creating an experience for their owners. This process is his vision and surfing is his inspiration.

Wax Surf Co. 

Check out the recording of our live Zoom broadcast where Tyler shared his story and provided exclusive insight into the inspiration behind his surf crafts.


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