InterPlay: Rhonda Harper

InterPlay Rhonda Harper Black Girls Surf


Sunday, May 3, 5 PM EST

Surf the Greats is pleased to present Interplay — an exploration of the interconnectedness and interdependence of our surf communities. This series will investigate and discuss the complex interplay of the elements of our sport, culture and industry. It is an opportunity to come together to celebrate unique individuals to highlight and better understand their numerous contributions and distinctive perspectives. Our goal is to explore the reciprocity and adaptability of the varied facets of our surfing world featuring artists, athletes, makers, innovators, and pioneers. 

Our live online presentation and discussion will take place Sunday, May 3rd at 5pm EST. We are honoured to be joined by Rhonda Harper, the founder of Black Girls Surf, a non-profit (NGO) competitive surf fitness training camp for girls and women, which serves the African diasporas. Her organization serves as a way to bridge the gap between young girls in surf camps getting to the professional level with programs currently running in California, Jamaica, Sierra Leone and Senegal. Through imagery and conversation, Rhonda will share her personal journey and discuss the current efforts and future goals of Black Girls Surf. The presentation and facilitated discussion will be followed by an interactive Q&A session with questions from our international audience.

Rhonda Harper

Rhonda Harper is the founder of Black Girls Surf, a non-profit (NGO) competitive surf fitness training camp for girls and women, which serves the African diasporas. In addition to coaching and athlete support, they offer financial assistance to participants in need of educational funding. They currently run programs in California, Jamaica, as well as several West African countries including Sierra Leone and Senegal.
Though born and raised in land-locked Missouri, Rhonda was able to establish an early relationship with the water through trips to California and Hawaii. Disappointed and frustrated by the lack of representation and support for women of colour in the surf world, she set out to be the mentor her younger self craved.  In 2014 she founded Black Girls Surf and has worked tirelessly to coach, support and elevate countless young women of colour both in and out of the water. 

Black Girls Surf 

Check out the recording of our live Zoom broadcast where Rhonda shared her story and provided exclusive insight into the inspiration behind her not-for-profit and advocacy work.

Please feel free to share with your friends and family and we look forward to seeing you next Sunday.