InterPlay: Bing

InterPlay Bing Surfboards Matt Calvani & Margaret Yao Calvani

Sunday, May 31, 5 PM EST

Surf the Greats is pleased to present Interplay — an exploration of the interconnectedness and interdependence of our surf communities. This series will investigate and discuss the complex interplay of the elements of our sport, culture and industry. It is an opportunity to come together to celebrate unique individuals to highlight and better understand their numerous contributions and distinctive perspectives. Our goal is to explore the reciprocity and adaptability of the varied facets of our surfing world featuring artists, athletes, makers, innovators, and pioneers.
Our live online presentation and discussion will take place Sunday, May 31st at 5pm EDT. We will be joined by Matt Calvani and Margaret Yao Calvani — the power couple behind Bing Surfboards. Matt is only the third head shaper in the 60 year history of Bing, taking over the legacy in 2003. Matt has carried on the traditions and heritage of Bing Copeland maintaining Bing Surfboards’ position at the top of the longboarding industry. While every surfboard company needs a good shaper, Margaret Yao Calvani holds the reins as General Manager to keep the business growing globally. We will sit down with Matt and Margaret to discuss the company, their individual contributions and what it’s like to be partners in business and in life in this modern era. The presentation and facilitated discussion will be followed by an interactive Q&A session with our international audience.

Bing Surfboards

Matt (Owner/Head Shaper) and Margaret (General Manager) are the dynamic team behind Bing Surfboards. Bing Copeland started the brand over 60 years ago and his legacy and heritage have been lovingly protected by Matt and Margaret over the last decade.  Internationally recognized as industry leaders in handcrafted surfboards, Bing Surfboards manages stay ground and humble in spite of their continued growth over the decades. Matt continues to shape exclusively for Bing, Jacobs and Rick Surfboards today while also pushing forward surfboard design and American manufacturing. While Matt and Margaret were already partners in business, they married in 2010 and are the proud parents of two beautiful sons. 

Check out the recording of our live Zoom broadcast where Matt and Margaret shared their story and provided exclusive insight into their business and lives.

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