A lung capacity expansion/mind control workshop

Tuesday, November 6
7–9 PM

Surfing is one of the world's most extreme water sports. The level of activity can vary from calm, slow, easy surfs to explosive, fast and extreme experiences.

It doesn't matter what level of surfer you are, or the size of waves you ride, with this workshop regardless of the type of surfer you are, you will benefit from learning how to increase your lung capacity and core strength.

Breathe Underwater Freediving Surfing Apnea Workshop

You will not only learn some take-home routines to relax your mind and body, but also the right techniques to help you maximize your apnea time (breath-hold) as well as learning to control your diaphragm/core. You will be able to break down mental walls by understanding and triggering the Mammalian Dive Reflex, a response we humans share with other mammals such as dolphins and whales.

After the workshop, you will be able to elaborate your own daily routines that will make your mind and body very fit preparing you for those breath-holding experiences during wipeouts. All of this will result in allowing you to surf bigger more challenging waves and/or becoming a more confident surfer.

Breathe Apnea Freediving Lung Capacity Expansion Workshop


Marcela Avila López founder of Lunamar Adventures by Lunamar for the Planet. She is an Apnea Total Freediving Instructor, as well as a Scuba Dive, Dance & Fitness Instructor.

Her water journey started at a very young age, growing up as a competitive swimmer until her teenage years and becoming a Scuba diver at the age of 14. She started world-trotting at the age of 19, and a few years later made the permanent move to live the island dream while teaching people how to dive all across Thailand, Bali, Philippines, and the Caribbean. In 2011 she was introduced to the art of freediving while taking students on a training dive in Thailand and seeing some ninja looking people diving down to 30 meters on a single breath. The following week she went to the first Apnea Total school ever in Koh Tao Island where she started her freediving training and following her education in Utila-Honduras and Bali-Indonesia. Since then, Marcella has won a gold medal and two silver medals at the Aida Canada Pool Freediving Nationals in Montreal.

On top of all of that, she's a surfer and mermaid in our community.


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