Beaches Disc Golf Meet-up Clean-up

Sunday, July 14

Surf the Greats and Beaches Disc Golf Course Group are joining forces to clean the beach and to introduce our surf community to Disc Golf.

What is Disc Golf?
Like "ball golf" (the term preferred by disc golfers), players compete for the lowest score on a course, but instead throw a disc from a designated tee pad at each hole, a chain-link metal basket target. Add up the number of throws it takes to reach the target. As it turns out, the sport is not so obscure—the world's 3,000th disc golf course opened in Austria in 2009, and the PDGA has more than 41,000 members worldwide.

How is it played?
Unless there is a tournament, just show up at a course and start playing, no tee time is needed. Most holes are par-3 and a typical 18-hole course takes about two hours to play.

Who can play disc golf?
Everyone. Most courses are free to use, and discs are inexpensive. "People can get started with this game for $10. You can buy one Frisbee and get out to a park, park for free, and you could spend all day and have a picnic

We will have plenty of discs available for you to try out. This is a free event for the entire family and everyone is welcome.


9:00–10:00AM Beach Yoga
(Woodbine Beach, by the lake, in front of the main washrooms)
10:00AM–11:00AM Beach Clean-up
(Meet us where yoga is taking place to pick up your gloves and garbage bags)
11:00–1:00PM Disc Gold Demos and Games
(We will walk to the Beaches Disc Golf Course together as we clean the beach)