ART PARTY: Friday, February 16

Your Friday evenings will never be the same... Join us for the first Art Party of the year with 'Wax & Wane' by Alexandra Newbould. For the first time ever, we are bringing you a full band with drums, cords, amplifiers and synthesizers. And it's not just any band, we are talking about The Beachmen—a Toronto-based Beach Boys cover band. Get your tickets now because this event will sell out!

Alexandra Newbould Portrait Surfer Toronto Great Lakes

Alexandra Newbould is a courtroom artist, entrepreneur and surfer based in Toronto and Sauble Beach. Before embarking on a career as a professional illustrator, she studied fine art at the University of Victoria and illustration at Max the Mutt College in Toronto.

Her work explores everything from pop imagery inspired by sunny bright beach days, cruising and good times, to the dark and tragic subject matter of world events and Toronto’s court system. This contrast of experience and emotion enters her work as a play between light and dark, beauty and fear, the way a snap storm whips up swell on a sunny day. 

Art Party Alexandra Newbould The Beachmen Toronto Surf Great Lakes Lake Ontario

A fourth generation Sauble Beacher, waves and sand run in her blood. She first paddled out as a body boarder in Panama a decade ago, switching to surfing in recent years. If it’s summer and there are waves, you’ll find a “Gone Surfing” sign on the door of the Tat Shack, her temporary tattoo business. You’ll find her paddling out to the fifth sandbar of Sauble’s North end with the Bruce County crew, out where the bombs roll in, and the seagulls swoop the lineup.

Her show 'Wax & Wane' at Surf the Greats is a combination of recent mixed media paintings, prints and painted surfboards.

The Beachmen Toronto Beach Boys Cover Band

The Beachmen are surfing up and down the mean streets of Toronto and are shoring up on a stage near you. These 5 friends with their life long devotion to harmony, are on the look out for the smiles that fuel them. The sun will feel warm in your face, and you'll feel the sand between your toes when they explore the sonic landscape that is The Beach Boys. This energetic and youthful take on classics, and strict dress code harken back to the raw performances of the 60s, and will tickle the ear drum of your soul as it pulses to the good vibrations. Come aboard with The Beachmen and see how the main sail sets.


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