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Learn to surf with the original surf school on the Great Lakes

We offer a variety of surfing, and surfskate classes to suit your individual needs. Find all the information related to each offering and choose the right class for you. Our instructors are certified by the International Surfing Association, and will deliver unique and unforgettable experiences to you, your family, and your friends.

Land Training

Carver Clinic

Whether you have been skateboarding for years or have never been on a skateboard—come learn to surfskate with us.

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Everyone at Surf the Greats are so welcoming and just want to share the stoke with everyone that is passionate about surfing, regardless of skill or experience. I took a surf lesson with them at Woodbine beach in August and it was unreal and I knew then that lake surfing was going to be a part of my life. Since then I’ve rented boards from STG for some great lakes waves and attended She Shreds – yoga, beach clean-up, intro to surfing and wave-forecasting. All were great but my all time favourite was wave-forecasting. Antonio took the time to explain in depth how to predict where and when there are going to be waves which is such a key thing to be able to do, especially on the lakes. I left feeling like I truly have a way better understanding of how to know where and when to go out and try to get some waves! 

Lauren W.

Surf the Greats is a holistic surf community that I am beyond grateful to be a part of. I’ve taken several workshops including intro to lake surfing, wave forecasting, and the surf rescue clinic which were all wonderful small group learning experiences with all the information I needed to feel confident and safe as a new Great Lake surfer. This summer I signed up for several private carver lessons with Antonio to work on my skills before the surf season started. I could not believe the progress I made in just a few months of weekly lessons! Through Surf the Greats I have been welcomed into a vibrant community of likeminded individuals who believe in inclusion, caring for the environment, and good vibes only! Thank you Surf the Greats for building this special community for us all.

Katy N.

Flat Water Intro to Surf Clinic

Pre-requisite for our surf lessons with waves

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Water Training

Surf Lessons with Waves

Learn to surf in our backyard, right here in TO Surf City. You’ll be in safe hands with our ISA-certified surf instructors with a wealth of experience with teaching and many more surfing. 

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Surf Safety

Learn the safety precautions needed when surfing in the winter months and how to prepare surf safely.

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Surf on a lake?

We compiled a list of the most common questions related to forecasting and surfing on the Great Lakes.

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Wave Forecasting

Our monthly workshop will teach you all the information and tools you need to understand the science of wave generation on the Great Lakes.

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Health and Surfing

Surfing is an immersive workout that engages both the body and the mind, with health benefits that go far beyond the thrill of catching a wave. It can be a form of treatment for depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia, and more.

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Improve Your Surfing

A Carver skateboard was designed to replicate the movement of surfing on land. This means that you can simulate the motion and feeling of riding and carving a wave when you can't get out on the water.

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