Surfboard Repairs Toronto

We are committed to helping you get the most of your current or used gear — and towards that goal can assist with your boards. While we can't guarantee that we can fix everything — we are happy to have a look at it and our local experts will determine what can be done to resuscitate your gear. 

Got a ding or something a bit worse? No worries, we will get it fixed for you. We have partnered with Larry Cavero from Surf Dreams Canada to repair your boards. We offer a wide variety of repairs for all that life throws at you and your board. This includes broken noses, rail dings, fin box replacements, punctures and boards broken in half (or worse). We can repair all kinds of boards including polyurethane foam, EPS foam, polyester resin, epoxy resin and wood. 

Surfboard Repairs Larry Cavero Toronto Ontario Canada

Drop your gear off at the shop and get back in the water!