The final set: Closing out Surf the Greats

The final set: Closing out Surf the Greats

Dear Surf the Greats family,
In the dance of the waves, there's a story of ebb and flow, of surges that rise with strength and fall back into stillness. It's within this rhythm of nature that I find the words to share a significant turning point in our journey at Surf the Greats. After a decade dedicated to riding the waves and weaving an unparalleled community along the pristine shores of the Great Lakes and beyond, the time has come for us to bid farewell to our shop and surf school, with doors closing for the final time on April 20th.
This decision, weighed with heavy hearts, reflects not just the vast changes our world has witnessed in recent times but also a profound achievement. The loss of one of our pioneering founders three years ago deeply touched our mission and community. The relentless waves of the COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with the seismic shifts in the global economy and the evolution of consumer habits post-pandemic, have led us to a moment of introspection and, ultimately, transformation.
Over these ten enriching years, we've poured our hearts into fostering a community where inclusivity isn't just a word, but the very foundation of our existence. We set out to challenge an industry that hadn't always been known for welcoming diversity, especially among visible minorities. Today, we stand tall, knowing we've achieved what many thought impossible: a surfing community where everyone truly belongs, is celebrated for their unique stories and united by the love of waves.
The time has come for me to take the invaluable lessons of building this business and community and extend their reach beyond the confines of Surf the Greats. I'm emboldened to apply this knowledge to other companies, communities, and organizations, aspiring to continue making a positive impact in the world.
The legacy we've created together is now in your hands, our beloved community. The responsibility to uphold and further this culture of welcoming and celebrating diversity in every wave and on every shore falls on all of us. Our shared journey has been marked by vibrant events, from beach clean-ups that mirrored our environmental stewardship to art exhibitions, film premieres, and discussions that transcended the very essence of surfing. We've welcomed and learned from global icons, fostered an extensive family, and championed the Great Lakes on the world's surfing map.
As we prepare for our final clearance sale, this is more than a goodbye to a physical space—it's a celebration of a remarkable decade, a tapestry of lives intertwined by a shared passion. The spirit of Surf the Greats, fuelled by love, inclusion, and respect, will continue to resonate, guiding us forward.
My heart overflows with gratitude for the trust, support, and countless memories you've shared with us. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all our team members who, over the past decade, have poured their dedication and hard work into building this business and our community alongside us. This chapter may be closing, but the waves we ride into the future will carry the legacy of Surf the Greats, forever united by the bonds we've forged.
With deepest gratitude and enduring hope,
Antonio Lennert
Co-Founder & CEO