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After a solid winter season, a spring full of ice storms and wild low-pressure systems it seems as though summer has finally started to poke through in all its sweaty glory.

Mollusk Summer Collection

It’s officially time to hang up the hooded 6/5/4 and crack out the cut-off jean shorts. And even though peak surf season has come and gone we still got our stoke on over at the shop. In addition to all the events we are running, we have tons of new goodies at the shop to keep you looking fresh, and of course all the gear you need to be prepped for those summer sneak attack sessions.

Mollusk San Francisco

We are really pumped at the arrival of the new pieces from Mollusk Surf. Based out of San Francisco, they opened shop in 2005, catering to the emerging alternative and retro colours of surfing… a place where you could find fatter boards, fish, and shapes a bit different than the potato chip thrusters of the late 90’s early ‘00s. Think more Alex Knost than Medina. Since then, they’ve opened up locations in Venice Beach and Silver Lake.

Mollusk Surf Pocket Tee

Our crew have been longtime supporters of Mollusk and head there to nerd out whenever we are in Ocean Beach or LA, and it would be a lie to say that they haven’t had an influence on the vibe and culture of our shop.

Mollusk Events

First and foremost all of the soft goods from Mollusk are all California top to bottom, designed in San Francisco, made in Los Angeles and Oakland using human/planet friendly materials (some fabrics are sourced from Peru). This means that you don’t have to worry about the after surf chafe, and the goods will last long enough to pass along to your kids one day.

Mollusk Surf

We also love Mollusk because of their support of a vibrant surf culture, Mollusk backs artists such as Nathaniel Russell or Kyle Field of Little Wings, the cult surf filmmaker Thomas Campbell, craftsmen Jay Nelson, and of course countless shapers.

Mollusk Art

They even threw down a music/surfing festival in Big Sur. Who knows maybe a Surf the Greats fest in the future?

Mollusk Surf Jamboree

Mollusk Shop Mens

So come by the shop for a coffee and check out the new gear, join us at one of our many upcoming events, and we’ll see you in the water when the waves inevitably kick up. Come! You’re welcome. Yes you!

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Words by Elie Landesberg