2022 Aloha-liday Gift Guide

2022 Aloha-liday Gift Guide

Winter is coming here in the Great White North and we're finally free to celebrate the holidays with our loved ones again. Whether you have a well-seasoned water shredder or an aspiring water enthusiast in your life, we've got something to make them smile! This season we've put together a holiday gift guide to make the decision a little easier for you.


FCS Travel 1 Funboard Bag

Everyone dreams of using their favourite board abroad, however, taking a precious hardboard through the airport system can be a little risky. Take your board to the tropics with you stress-free in the FCS Travel 1 Funboard Bag. Variety of sizes available.


FCS Stretch All-Purpose Board Cover

For those breezy sessions when you want to whip to the beach and make it home in time for dinner, throw your board in a board sock to make sure nothing scratches it in the car.


Vissla 35L Dry Bag Backpack 

If you're like us and you're tired of your gear getting everything wet in the car, you definitely need a dry bag backpack. It's also an excellent travel pack to protect you from the elements, or to get you to surf spots that require a little hike.


Red Paddle Co. 10L Dry Bag 

Perfect to protect your smaller items on a long paddle, or to bring your wax, phone, and even snacks to the beach without getting sand everywhere!


Rip Curl Straw Hat 

Sun protection meets style! Look like a local in the tropics in this classic laid-back straw surf hat, complete with a tie so you don't lose it on those windy days.


FCS Keylock 

Ensure your essentials don't get stolen on the beach with this heavy duty keylock from FCS. 


The Surfer's Guide To Mainland Mexico 

Heading down south this winter? This Guide to Mainland Mexico will have you covered with all the ins and outs of surfing along one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world.


Tropical Wax 

The wanderer's essential! Throw a couple of of these in your bag and you're all set for a last minute surf no matter where you might find yourself!



Let My People Go Surfing 

In this newly revised 10th anniversary edition, Yvon Chouinard—legendary climber, businessman, environmentalist, and founder of Patagonia, Inc.—shares the persistence and courage that have gone into being head of one of the most respected and environmentally responsible companies on earth.

Chasing Waves 

Anyone who has ever longed for a daring diversion from day job and doldrums will connect with these tales of wanderlust, vagabonding, and riding the surf from Amy Waeschle, a nervous newbie turned self-confident and skillful surfer.


She Explores 

For every woman who has ever been called outdoorsy comes a collection of stories that inspires unforgettable adventure. She Explores is a spirited celebration of female bravery and courage, and an inspirational companion for any woman who wants to travel the world on her own terms.



Fascinated by the sport of freediving, James Nestor embeds with a gang of oceangoing extreme athletes and renegade researchers to expand our definition of what is possible in the natural world, and in ourselves.



AFROSURF is the first book to capture and celebrate the surf and related street cultures of Africa. This unprecedented collection is compiled by Mami Wata, an African surf company that aims to connect the world to the power of African surf.


Sustainable "Keep Cup" 

Take one of these with you on your mid-day coffee run and show the planet how much you care! Judging others with single-use coffee cups is allowed.

Chemex Classic 6-Cup 

Perfect for making a big batch at home, either for yourself (no judgment), or for your fellow work-from-homers in the house. 


Mexican Blanket 

Wrap up in a cozy authentic Mexican blanket while you're taking a zoom meeting or for that mid-work day nap.


Fireside Cardigan 

Stay warm and stylish while you're in the home office! This cozy cardigan from Carve Designs will be your new daily go-to this winter.

Rhythm Blanket Jacket 

Show the neighbourhood who has the coolest coziest digs when you're out walking the pooch or taking a work break.


Sex Wax Candle 

Bring some Aloha into your home office with this groovy coconut-scented candle from Sex Wax.


DUER Joggers 

The ultimate multi-purpose pant. Extremely comfortable and stylish; perfect for hiking, a trip to the store, or for a business-casual meeting. Having a pair of DUERs in your closet won't disappoint.




Local Art Print 

Support one of our local artists with these beautiful surf style art prints!


A Spiritual Good Time

A Spiritual Good Time is a collection of photographs from various surfing magazines published before 1990. A visually compelling masterpiece, the publication represents a blending of fear and desire within a sport that often focused on the heterosexual gaze, hyper-masculinity, localism and the gossamer tipped dream of all inclusiveness and spirituality.


BESIDE Magazine 

BESIDE is an independent magazine at the crossroads of nature and culture, featuring personal essays, stories from the field, and ideas—new and old—for better ways to live in the world. A beautiful addition to any coffee table book collection.


The Surfer's Journal 

A beautiful exploration of surf stories big and small from around the world - The Surfer's Journal is a visually striking and thought-provoking collection of essays, photography, and journalism sure to captivate all houseguests. 




11'0 Compact Stand-Up Paddleboard  

Surprise your loved one with a complete SUP set-up to encourage them to get out on the water! Meet Red Paddle Co.'s most condo-friendly package; boasting a small size that fits readily in any closet, easily in the car, or over your shoulder when hiking to the water.


8'6 Catch Surf Noserider 

One of Catch Surf's most beautiful boards, the 8'6 Noserider from the Heritage Series is the ultimate "I love you". Perfect for an Ocean or Great Lakes longboarder, or for a Great Lakes beginner, this board is going to put all eyes on you in the lineup as you effortlessly glide to the beach.


Kona Summertime 7'2 - Great White North Series 

Made with extra volume especially for Surf The Greats, this collectible mid-length funboard from Kona Surf Co. is an essential for any Great Lakes shredder. Carve up and down the waves with ease, or whip out a little cross-step; this board will be a favourite in the quiver of whoever's lucky enough to grab one!


Pyzel 5'11 Astro Pop

Pyzel's Astro Pop is the perfect all-round board for someone who's both a frequent traveller and a local shredder. This board is designed to give you some extra spark and easy paddle in weaker, slower waves, while still keeping a performance edge in good surf.




Solarez Epoxy Econo Kit 

For the person in your life who's always coming home with dings in their board, the solarez epoxy econo kit is the perfect gift to show them you care!


Neo-Rez Wetsuit Repair 

A ripped wetsuit makes a cold surfer; hook up your loved one with some neo-rez to make sure they stay toasty out on the water.


Kayotics Skimboard 

Know a well-seasoned surfer looking to experiment with some stunt-based water shredding? A classic series Kayotics skimboard is the perfect gift for them. 


Skate Protective Gear 

For the person who goes full speed without any pads - show them that protective gear is cool with a combo pack from Killer Pads.


Carver CX Lost Hydra 29" 

Help the shredder in your life keep up their practice on days without waves on a Carver CX, designed specifically for surf training.




Dry Robe 

A must-have for any coldwater enthusiast; once you try a Dry Robe you'll never look back!


Patagonia Los Gatos Fleece 

Gift your loved one a fluffy and sustainable Patagonia Los Gatos fleece to make sure they're covered on their next hiking trip.


Patagonia Yulex Hooded Vest 

A hooded wetsuit vest is the perfect combo for someone with a hoodless wetsuit who's looking to double up on warmth for a longer session. Made with FSC-certified sustainable Yulex for the eco-conscious!



A pair of Wetsox will go a long way; get in and out of your wetsuit friction-free, and gain extra warmth on your feet for a longer session! 



FCS II Fin Boxes

Every board-shaper or aspiring board repairperson needs some FCS II fin boxes on hand: a top-quality fin box that will let you remove your fins with ease and without the need for any tools.


105 Fins Unlimited Longboard Fin Box 

Calling all old school longboard shapers! These longboard fin boxes are versatile, will fit a variety of high-performance fins and are easy to install.


FCS Ratchet Tool

A cool tool that's easier than the fin key for a fast fin transition, this tool comes with a wide variety of sized Alan keys. Meet the next tool you won't be able to take out of your bag. 


C7 Carver Skate Truck Kit 

For the board-lover in your life who's looking to Frankenstein a cruiser into a surfskate; install this C7 Truck Kit onto any deck to start surf training!


Carver All-In-One Pocket Skate Tool 

The best gift you'll ever give a skater; the Carver Pocket Tool will allow them to adjust their trucks whenever they please for a tighter session or for a chill laidback cruise.




FCS II Christenson Keel Twin Fins 

Treat yourself to a set of FCS II Christenson Keel Twin Fins and be the surfer everyone is talking about at the beach. Designed with plenty of curve in the leading and trailing edge to provide smooth rail to rail transitions.


Futures F4 Alpha - 5 Fin Set 

Made with upcycled fishing nets, Futures’ Compound 6 carbon and air infused technology offers stability and control at top speed, putting you ahead of the charge in any lineup.


Dakine Longboard Leash - 10' - Ankle

For the surfer who rides a longboard in waves of all sizes; Dakine leashes are tried and true and made with an ultra-durable, ¼-inch (6.5-millimeter) urethane Dura-Cord that keeps you connected to your board in style.


FCS Sally Fitzgibbons Traction Pad 

Make your board pop with this neon pink FCS Traction Pad signature of Sally Fitzgibbons. Designed to feel secure when powering through turns and releasing the tail.


FCS II Accelerator PC Carbon Tri Set

This FCS II Accelerator set is ideal for surfers who like to attack the wave and perform aggressive turns. Made with a superior blend of carbon tissue and ultralight AirCore construction to deliver a more user-friendly flex to achieve faster start up acceleration, and a smoother feel through turns. 


No Bad Waves - Talking Story with Mickey Muñoz 

Mentored by the Malibu greats of the '40s, and an influence on generations of surfers since, in this book published by Patagonia, Mickey weaves the story of a California waterman using his own experience and that of his friends.


Aftanas 5'10 Sled

It's all in the name: Sled. From our shaper friend in West Coast Canada, this board will be your trusty daily driver on those waist to overhead days.




Kassia Cold Water Palo Santo Wax 

Class up your wax inventory with some Palo Santo Wax from California's very own Kassia+Surf. Made in a triangle shape so you can easily snap off a piece and always have a corner ready to apply.



In this hilarious twist on Dominoes, Llamanoes is a perfect goofy gift for your little one, a boredom-busting game, and a great way to develop matching and fine motor skills, all in one appealing and colorful package.


Surf Survival 

Whether you’re a novice or an expert, a SUPer or a bodyboarder, Surf Survival is the only book that every surfer must have in their backpack, car, and beach house. This practical handbook explains everything from how to reduce a shoulder dislocation to understanding waves and currents, from how to treat jellyfish stings to how to apply a tourniquet.


STG Arctic Toque

Warm up with a cozy knit toque and represent your favourite surf shop at the same time! 


Slowtide Yoga Towel 

Trip out in downward dog on this trippy yoga towel from Slowtide; you'll have everyone in the class asking about it!


Patagonia Ultralight Black Hole Mini Hip Pack

This 1L waist belt from Patagonia will be your new best friend; perfect for sticking to the essentials for a run, a bike, a hike, a trip to the store, a walk with the dog, or a concert! It'll have you covered wherever you might find yourself.



Words by Isabella Heeney.

Isabella Heeney

Joining our crew after 6 months of living and surfing in Ecuador, Isabella — or Isi as she’s known around the shop —is bringing her passion for journalism and storytelling to our team. A Toronto-born outdoor enthusiast, she’s settling here for a while to see how her Ocean-surfing skills fare on the Lakes, and when she’s not at the shop you can usually find her biking on Toronto Island. Find her on Instagram.