The Cove Beach Cleanup

Sunday, May 5, 2019
9 AM
Scarborough Bluffs

Surf the Greats and Surf Dreams Canada Online Surf Shop are joining forces for our annual The Cove Beach Clean-Up. Invite your friends and family to come help us pick up litter from The Bluffs and meet other surfers, paddlers, beach goers and outdoor enthusiasts in our community. This is the break that brings us the best surf in the city year round and this is the time to give back to mother nature.

There will be a free Tidal Flow Class, potluck BBQ, and prizes from our sponsors. You may bring whatever you would like to share for the potluck BBQ. Please bring a reusable water bottle or cup and your own cutlery. No plastic please!

This is an event for the entire family and we look forward to seeing you all there.

The Cove Beach Cleanup by Lucas Murnaghan


9:00–9:30AM ~ ARRIVAL
10:30–11:30AM ~ BEACH CLEAN UP
11:30AM–1:00PM ~ POTLUCK BBQ



Coextinction explores the Pacific Northwest from land to the Salish Sea, capturing the inspiring journey of extraordinary people fighting to save an extraordinary species. There are only 75 Southern Resident Killer Whales left. This series reveals how to save them, and us.


A not-for-profit organization to fund a series of community, social and environmental projects initiated by members of our community. Our goal with the not-for-profit is to inspire change and empower passionate leaders from our community to organize events, projects and initiatives to connect people to our natural environment in meaningful ways.


* MEC Outdoor Nation/Génération Plein Air MEC
* Patagonia
* Reef
* Brothers Coffee Roasters

This free event is part of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. Garbage bags and rubber gloves will be provided to all attendees. Bring your dogs and kids!

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