She Shreds


SHE SHREDS, presented by Surf the Greats and Vans.

She rips, she rides, she charges, she doesn’t back down, SHE SHREDS.

On March 22nd we celebrate you, me, us — ladies who are blazing trails, breaking out of comfort zones and rallying community in pursuit of the activities we love.

We've invited the rad women leading the surf, skate, wake, snowboard and SUP communities in Ontario for a night of stories and sisterhood at Surf the Greats Surf Shop.

Showcasing a panel discussion and short films in skate, wake and surf featuring: 

Stephanie Battieste - Creator of Babes Brigade-Women's Skateboarding, a women’s skateboarding group and brand founded by Stephanie in July 2015.

Erika Langman - Founding member of the Ontario’s grassroots Wake Series, 2017 Chief Official of the WWA World Champs and Director of Canadian wake events at Wake Canada.

Maddi Leblanc - Creator of stand-up paddle boarding fundraiser ‘On Board’, an annual SUP event to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society, and team racer Starboard.

Helene Alegre - Canadian Surfer and ESA regionals competitor. Sponsored in 2012 as a free surfer with a mission to encourage more women to surf the Great Lakes and to help develop a community of bold women who charge.

Kelsey Chiappa - Ottawa based river surfer, competative wakeborder and snowborder, tiny home builder, motorcross rider, animal lover and maple syrup maker. 

AND Live Music by Ellen Bryant - Toronto residing singer-songwriter, originating from Port Macquarie, Australia. Bryant’s music aims to vocalise the importance of developing creative energy, self-love & human connection.

Beer & Cocktails by Ace Hill Beer & Goslings Rum

She Shreds

The Happenings (roughly):

7PM - Doors open

7:15PM - Short films in skate, wake and surf

8PM - Panel discussion: Creating and growing communities of women in male-dominated sports

8:45PM - Live music by Ellen Bryant

9:15PM - Drinks, hang, chill