On Days Like These We Must Surf

In the spirit of celebration during the Toronto International Film Festival, Surf the Greats and Patagonia would like to invite you to celebrate our thriving community of surfers in Toronto and to express our love for the Great Lakes. The evening will begin with a Tidal Flow class mixing traditional movements from yoga, dynamic movements from Ginástica Natural, surf conditioning exercises, mindfulness and breathing techniques.

After the class, the party gets going with the latest surf music on the decks, Ace Hill beer on tap, and Patagonia’s finest threads on the racks. To kick off our presentations, Claire Lawson from Lake Ontario Waterkeeper will educate us on some of the issues compromising the water quality of our home waters and what you can do to preserve our natural resources for future generations. Local surf photographer Lucas Murnaghan will present a slideshow of moments captured locally on the lakes and from a variety of line-ups around the world. To cap off the night, we thrilled to present the premiere of On Days Like These We Must Surf—a short documentary about a tight-knit community of Great Lakes surfers directed by Jake Kovnat.

Patagonia is offering 15% OFF any active gear for all participants during the event. There will be prizes from Surf the Greats & Surf Dreams Canada, and Patagonia will raffle one of their wetsuits to one lucky person. Get your ticket now and don’t miss out!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Patagonia Toronto

500 King St. W.



7:00–7:45PM TIDAL FLOW Class (Limited to 30 people)
8:00PM Doors Open
8:30PM Presentations and Film Screening

On Days Like These We Must Surf

On Days Like These We Must Surf

(5 min)
by Jake Kovnat

This short documentary tells the story of Larry Cavero, an outstanding individual with an unbelievable passion for surfing on The Great Lakes around his home in Toronto, Canada. While most people would think it's impossible, or outright insane, Larry and a tight-knit community of local surfers have figured out how to tame these massive bodies of fresh water. And they can’t get enough of it.

Watch the pure stoke as they paddle out in snowy -15 ºC conditions and have the time of their lives riding waves that most ocean surfers wouldn’t even think twice about. Hear Larry talk about how he and a rag-tag bunch of pioneers first surfed waves on the lakes, how the scene has developed over the last 6 years, why it’s become such a surprisingly inclusive community, the current threats to these precious bodies of water and the future of surfing on the lakes. Mahalo.



Our beer relies on clean water and good natural ingredients. With gratitude for the gifts of the earth, we donate 1% of our sales to clean water causes.


Family-owned surf shop with the aim to serve our surfing community and people around the Great lakes with high quality surfboards, SUP and surf gear, organizing beach clean ups, community service, getting new surfers out in the water and creating awareness for beach safety.




Canadian charity working for a day when every person in our watershed can safely touch the water, when the water is pure enough to drink, and when the lake is clean and wild enough that you could toss in a line anywhere and pull out a fish.